Amazon Management

Account management on Amazon can be complex and requires a variety of skills to understand listings, advertising, customer service, and many other areas of expertise.


Amazon Account Management

Navigating sales on Amazon can be overwhelming and time-consuming for business owners. With frequent changes to policies and algorithms, the Amazon marketplace can be downright frustrating. That’s where we can offer our experience, expertise, and understanding for Amazon. We can be involved in managing all of the day-to-day product and customer service tasks, or we can be available to provide assistance with questions about Amazon or product parent child relationships. We are here as much or as little as is necessary for clients to succeed with product listings and product sales. With our different service options, you’re sure to find a program that fits your needs for your Amazon Store.  

Amazon Account Support

For those businesses who want to be involved, but need some guidance, we are available to help. Our services help companies navigate selling on Amazon, while maintaining the day-to-day account monitoring, order fulfillment, and Amazon inventory management. This is a great option for those owners or managers that just need assistance resolving customer service issues, package tracking, or maintaining eligibility and healthy account status within Amazon’s seller policies.  

  • Representative available to help resolve issues that may arise
  • Product Listing Optimization using data driven SEO
  • Product image creative process using assets provided by clients

**Optional Add on Amazon Advertising Management available

Amazon Account Management Services

We take on the daily management of Amazon accounts so owners and managers can dedicate their time and focus to the part of their business they enjoy. That means we wake up in the morning and check for orders. We communicate with customers, manage order fulfillment, inventory, replenishments, shipping, etc. You simply get regular updates from us and provide input as you see fit. Our team is available for guidance, planning, and strategy to improve the account.

Daily Seller Central Management

  • Checking for buyer messages and alerts
  • Checking for merchant fulfilled orders

Weekly Services 

  • Sending inventory replenishment shipments to maintain FBA inventory
  • Monitoring seller feedback
  • Managing return authorizations for MFN orders
  • Watching for and resolving A-Z Claims or lost package issues

Other Included services

**Optional Add on Amazon Advertising Management available


Pricing is structured based on the needs of the client and the level of involvement required on the account. We tailor our programs specifically for each account, product, and client. We are here to provide support and make the process of selling on Amazon as easy as possible. Whether you need a few hours a week, or are looking for a dedicated Amazon Account Management Team, ThinkBIG can take care of you. 

We implement targeted strategies for a variety of amazon sellers, maximizing visibility and profit.