Website Design

B2C companies’ number one goal is to make sales. Our team is dedicated to helping your business accomplish that goal. Driven to create an exceptional user experience, our design team can create a responsive web design that is user-friendly and enhanced for conversion rate optimization (CRO). By creating a seamless user experience, your brand will gain awareness, stand out against competitors, and scale your business.

Don’t Settle For Less

Optimize Your Online Presence

You might be thinking, ‘what is some of the secret sauce that goes into building a successful website?’ As a company, one of the first things you need to do is to select the right team to build your website. ThinkBig’s web design and web development teams have created multiple uniquely-tailored website designs for a wide range of industries. Being a marketing-first company ourselves, we know what it takes to make your product and services stand out. Our goal is to be transparent about the steps and generate improved results.

Charge Forward

B2C Website Development

Amplify your brand’s presence and increase revenue with a new B2C website build. We partner directly with your team to understand the needs of your business and the needs of your customer to make the website a seamless experience for all parties involved. Here are few reasons why you should utilize our website design services:

Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility

Enhancing your website for SEO will help drive traffic and make your site more visible on Google. Creating brand familiarity and using technical SEO strategies will convert prospects into customers and drive sales.

Optimized UX Experience for Accessibility & Engagement

By using SEO and CRO best practices, we will help visitors find your website and turn prospects into returning customers through creating an easily accessible and interactive website.

Establish Authority and Build Credibility

If you have a website that isn’t drawing in visitors, most likely it has low credibility causing any prospects to not stick around. Your site needs trust elements to help build credibility and you need a high domain authority to rank in search engines results pages.

Your Website Provides Low-Cost Advertising

Your website is your 24/7 salesperson that is representing your brand and your business. When designed well, it will support your marketing and advertising efforts turning leads into customers.

Showcase Products and Services

First impressions are a big deal with online shoppers, so you want to display your products and services in the most successful way. Ensure you have value-driven content that is compelling and converting.

Ready to enhance your business? Our team of seasoned web designers can design your B2C website that will help you achieve your next revenue goal.

ThinkBig’s Approach to Developing a Business Website

Strategy Planning

We partner with clients to come up with the best strategy for CRO, UX Design, and to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Custom Brand Design

Everything we build is custom designed for your brand identity.

UX Experience

As we build the website design, we will optimize the user experience by focusing on ease of use, accessibility, and convenience.

Custom Development

Whether you have a WordPress or a Shopify website, our development team can troubleshoot, debug, and extend the functionality of your site to meet your business’s needs.

Ongoing Support

After your website has launched, we will continue to monitor your website and make any adjustments as necessary to keep your site up to standard.

Custom Brand Design

We can deliver a web design tailored for your unique business through market research. The web designer then creates a rich experience that accomplishes your goals in a way that evokes an emotional connection with your brand. The web developer makes your ideas a reality and builds in the features that transform the site from a headache to an asset.

Turning a website into a masterpiece is a team effort that can take a great deal of upfront time and continual revisions. A great website is built out of a solid business strategy, is in line with the marketing message, has beautiful graphics, an evocative design, and is built on a simple-to-manage interface. With ThinkBig, the whole team works together to build your website. That means we offer mentorship on the best practices, unlimited revisions, and support at every level.

Ready to launch your website?

Search engine optimization needs a highly-functional and well-designed site to reach its full potential. Our mission is to build the best website for your brand. ThinkBig is always looking for the best way to help businesses get the maximum return on their investment through beautiful web design and so much more. If you are ready to launch your website, please reach out to us today.

 “They’re responsive and customize the work according to your goals. I felt they truly wanted our business to grow faster. Plus, they took the time to try to understand our business. We’re fortunate we found ThinkBIG!”