Product Management & Training

ThinkBig delivers product management and training, granting your business a functional product catalog while allowing you to dedicate your time to business management and ownership.

Providing high quality product photograpy

e-Commerce Product Catalog Management

Our catalog management services provide organization, structure, and accuracy for your product database across many Ecommerce sales channels. A well-managed product catalog enhances the buyer’s journey because product information is easily accessible, up to date, and consistent across platforms. A clear and detailed catalog will contribute to your brand identity and build trust between you and your customers. Our digital marketing experts can provide you with the tools and training necessary to manage your own product catalog, or we can perform the product catalog management, saving you time and energy.

Product Listing Optimization

ThinkBig performs a rigorous battery of procedures to ensure product listing optimization for Ecommerce clients. The team reviews the products and provides recommendations and updates based on the follow: 

  • product title 
  • product image 
  • product description 

We center your Ecommerce goods around current SEO analysis. ThinkBig layers SEO optimization into every product listing, enabling your brand’s Ecommerce to gain exposure as quickly as possible.

Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey

ThinkBig Digital Marketing organizes product listings that helps SEO optimization, owner efficiency and accuracy, and the buyer’s journey. Our layouts and functions are designed with the Ecommerce customer in mind. We strive to improve the buyer’s journey by making products easy to find, having clear information and pricing, easy to add to cart, and with a simple checkout process.

E-Commerce Management Training

ThinkBig offers comprehensive product listing optimization services, and for our clients who prefer to learn and manage their own product catalogs, we can help. Our Ecommerce professionals can provide training for clients who want to better understand product management.

We cover subjects such as product cataloging, SEO optimization, the buyer’s journey, and other topics as they pertain to the client’s individual needs. We empower clients to become their own Ecommerce experts.

ThinkBig For Your Digital Marketing

ThinkBig proudly delivers a variety of digital marketing services in addition to product management and training. We work collaboratively with our clients and offer ongoing support well beyond the product launch. If your Ecommerce business could benefit from an updated website, SEO optimization, online advertising, or other digital marketing services, contact ThinkBig and discover what our experts can do for you.