Crafting Effective Branding & Logo Design

At ThinkBIG, we help businesses create personable brands that communicate value and grab valuable attention. Starting with an effective brand and logo design will guide your company’s marketing strategy and future success.

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Creating a Brand Identity

Branding is more than just a logo – it’s your brand’s personality. Branding shapes the customer experience from first impressions to long after making the sale. Consistency is essential to building and maintaining customer relationships. Creating a brand identity involves experienced strategists and designers who have worked with companies large and small to craft an identity that connects with your consumers and leaves a lasting impression.

Research-Driven Brand Identity Services

We’ve worked with companies in every branding stage, from start-ups still brainstorming names to small businesses looking for a facelift for their outdated logo. We mold our brand identity services to your business and expectations. The following is our typical process for building brands that grab attention and tell a story.

Phase 1. Understand Your Vision And Goals

The first step in our process is understanding your mission and the goals you have for your brand. What inspired you to start your company and what problems you are trying to solve are essential questions we need answered to start our brand identity process.

Phase 2. Conduct Market And Consumer Research

In order to give you a proper recommendation for brand personality and design elements, we first need to understand your competitors and your ideal customer personas. We study similar brands to identify what they are doing well and to discover opportunities for your brand to shine.

Phase 3. Create a Visual Identity

We use the information collected in phases one and two to begin building your brand’s visual identity. Depending on your needs, this may include logo creation, marketing collateral, business cards, or anything else your business needs to begin crafting a consistent customer experience.

Quality, Timeless Logo Creation

Great logo design is an investment which will yield returns throughout your brand’s lifetime. At ThinkBIG, we focus on timeless designs that are sustainable independent of current trends. We believe in crafting quality brand visuals that can grow with your business and solidify your brand’s place in the market. Jumpstart your business with logo creation that customers will love and recognize for years to come.

Need Logo Design Services?

Our branding and logo design services are tailored to your expectations. If you’re ready to start communicating value and capturing the attention of the right consumers, contact us today to get started.