Graphic Design

At ThinkBig Marketing, our results-focused graphic design approach combines aesthetic excellence with strategic messaging.


Custom Logo Creation

Crafting a memorable brand or business starts with a distinct logo design. Although only a portion of the branding process, logo creation is an important first step in connecting with your target audience and communicating your company’s message. An effective logo is one that quickly and simply lets your customer know why your services or products are different, better, or more special than your competitors. At ThinkBIG, we ensure every logo creation is designed with the following principles in mind:

Clear messaging

Tailored to your audience

Original and distinct design

Professional Print Design

Although businesses and consumers are continually moving toward digital media, traditional print design is still an effective way to promote your brand. Investing in professional print design services is an affordable way to start building professional credibility and brand awareness. Our creative team has experience creating every type of print design deliverable, from business cards to trade show graphics and everything in between.

Creative Digital Design

Building brand awareness is the first step to creating a successful brand with consistent sales. If you consider large brands with high familiarity, they all have one thing in common – brand consistency throughout their graphic design elements. By creating a consistent online presence, your customers will receive consistent messaging and begin creating a relationship with your brand at every touch point. Maintain a cohesive and creative digital experience for your customers with professional digital design services. Our graphic designers have experience working with small and large businesses, designing everything from social media graphics and web banners to icons and pitch decks.



At ThinkBIG, our graphic design services are focused on helping customers visualize your organization’s message. From e-commerce brands to construction trades, companies love working with us because we fuse strategy and creativity to meet your business objectives. Whether it be print, digital, or logo design, our simple, straightforward approach will deliver creative concepts that connect and engage with your target audience.

Step 1: Strategize

Together, we discuss your graphic design needs and business objectives.

Step 2: Create

Our design team does their magic. We create a message-focused, aesthetically-pleasing design concept.

Step 3: Review

You review how the initial graphic design services meet your needs and expectations.

Step 4: Refine

If needed, we make adjustments based on your feedback.

STEP 5: Deliver

ThinkBIG provides print or web design deliverables in the appropriate format.

Our team is filled with seasoned CREATIVE professionals focused on innovative Problem solving.