Search Engine Optimization

At ThinkBig Sites, we are committed to providing search engine optimization (SEO) marketing services to businesses and organizations to maintain search rankings and improve organic (unpaid) search traffic to your website.

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Performance-Based SEO

Performance-based SEO is the process of making a website easier to find in search engines and structuring content for an improved user experience. Our process intends to reduce the bounce rate based on our SEO analysis operations involving online tools to evaluate your website performance and enhance opportunities for improvement across the website. Here are a few examples of tools we use at ThinkBig Sites to conduct the quality of your website SEO: 

  • Domain
  • Pages
  • Keywords
  • Backlinks

Each of these tools is useful to understanding the significance of SEO analysis because each represents a keyword and content foundation to the website as a whole. Domains are what defines the location of your site on the world wide web – an easy-to-remember URL helps so people can easily access your website. The pages of your website are important because they describe the services or the products you provide. Ranging from single words to complex phrases, keywords are relevant to increase search engine traffic. Backlinks are links on your website (like this) that link to other pages or websites related to the products or services your business provides.

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Fundamentals of SEO

SEO optimization is the process of improving your website content  for a variety of search engine platforms including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and more. Each search engine has its own algorithm for SEO optimization guidelines and the digital marketing experts at ThinkBig Sites have the experience and knowledge needed to generate leads and maximize website exposure. Our SEO optimization tools include, but are not limited to: 

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager 
  • User behavior data
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Reporting and insights


Consider ThinkBig Sites as your SEO digital marketing experts and consultants. We use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to manage to quickly report and update session durations of customers and update other website analytics. User behavior data is used to effectively understand how customers are interfacing with content and the website as a whole. The Google Keyword Planner is a tool used in Google Ads to evaluate the competition of keywords and average monthly searches of the keywords used in the website content. As we review the data, our team typically provides a recommendation based on search frequency and search competition. 

For any additional information about our SEO digital marketing or performance based SEO optimization services, please contact us, and one of our team members will be pleased to assist you with any inquiry you may have.


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What we can do for you

At ThinkBig Marketing, we strive to provide access to a wide variety of marketing professionals. Our team consists of a collaborative group willing to adjust and accommodate a variety of marketing campaigns. The teams typically have representatives from:

  • Project Management
  • Website Design
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media

Our approach is to talk with the client and understand the goals of the company and objectives for support from ThinkBig. We carefully review the projects and products for a final design that would help with the online engagements. 

Reviews Management

Consider how to manage online reviews for improved credibility.

Pay per click

Understand how to manage and review online ad programs.


Get helpful input related to a variety of topics including business plans.

Social Media

Social proof has become much more helpful for online profiles.


Combine strategy and tactics for marketing campaigns and plans.



Transparency is a key element in the engagement with ThinkBig Marketing. We provide full access to the work that is completed by our team and access to any accounts that would be created. For example, we set up Google Analytics for the client and provide full access to the Google Analytics account.

 “ThinkBig is extremely responsive to my needs and offers great input into how things can be improved so that my company can continue to thrive. We hope that ThinkBig is around forever, as we will never leave it!”