Review Management and Your Business Strategy

Business and eCommerce sales are heavily impacted by customer reviews and other quality ratings. Review management or review marketing is a great part of any well-rounded marketing plan.

What is Review Management?

Review management is the process of managing your company’s digital reputation. When unhappy customers leave negative reviews or comments online, a timely response can help maintain your business’s good reputation while repairing individual customer relationships. It can be time-consuming to watch multiple platforms for reviews and respond quickly to negative, inaccurate, or false reviews, but timely responses can have a big impact on your business. It is also beneficial to respond to positive reviews and answer questions about your products or services that are posted online.  

Our Team, Your Review Marketing

Often, reputation management is overlooked, and this is understandable. With so many different platforms for ratings and reviews, it can be overwhelming to do your own reputation management or review marketing. The ThinkBig Sites team has the experience and the technology to help manage your incoming reviews as well as help increase your positive reviews. Having reviews is important because it provides your business with credibility. Many consumers prefer to purchase products and services exclusively from businesses with recent and relevant online reviews.

Build a Strong  Ecommerce Reputation

Ecommerce sales can depend heavily on your business’s reputation for providing quality products and top-notch customer service. Most customers are buying your eCommerce products sight-unseen. They want to do so with the assurance that the product will be high quality and the company will allow for reasonable refunds and exchanges. Many consumers will use your business’s most recent reviews to decide if your product will meet their standards. ThinkBig Sites has a team of qualified eCommerce customer service experts and experienced reputation managers, and we will help you navigate this important aspect of your business. 

Google Business Profile

At ThinkBig Sites, our primary review platform is Google. All the reviews on Google are attached to the Google Business Profile. There are two main aspects to be aware of with Google Review Management, namely responding to reviews and solicitation of reviews. 


Responding to Google Reviews allows a company to engage directly with individuals who have left the reviews. A response shows that you care, but it is also an excellent method for adding keywords to your Google Business Profile that are related to your services or products. This must be done in a way that is natural and does not embellish.


Managing the solicitation of additional reviews can be about balance. It is very helpful to understand the natural flow of reviews for your business. The incoming reviews must be natural and consistent. If there have historically been two reviews per week, then maintain a similar pace. It would be a mistake to target 15 reviews in two days.

Google’s goal is to provide customers with reputable reviews of companies. Google will evaluate those reviews to make sure they achieve that objective. Having a strategy for your reviews and managing your Google Business Profiles is key to a good digital reputation for your company.  

 “ThinkBig is extremely responsive to my needs and offers great input into how things can be improved so that my company can continue to thrive. We hope that ThinkBig is around forever, as we will never leave it!”