Enhanced User Experience and Site Optimization

ThinkBig helps your ecommerce profitability through site optimization and an improved buyers journey, resulting in repeat business and improved conversions.

Benefits of Good Website Design

Website design is an integral part of the user experience and is the basis for site optimization. When a shopper visits your site, their likelihood to purchase is increased based on ease of use, accessibility, and convenience. Product position and ease of use are very helpful for the purchase journey.

Ecommerce sites have only a few seconds to make an impression.
At first glance, customers expect a beautiful website design that is engaging, informative and easy to navigate. The design elements need to be on brand and have a professional appearance including great product visuals.

How ThinkBig Improves the Buyer’s Journey

Website Ease of Use

ThinkBig creates a responsive, well-organized website that is engaging and easy to navigate. We make sure the checkout process is fast and straightforward. Our sites include an https address so customers know their information is secure. The products are featured and easy to purchase.


A good website design will conveniently lead your customers to the most important sections of the site. ThinkBig creates desktop and mobile responsive websites featuring intuitive search and filter options, with alerts and banners in areas of high visibility. Mobile responsive designs are very helpful for products.

Website Accessibility

Help customers find your site with an updated Google Business Profile. We offer integrated inventory management to ensure customers can access products that are available as well as information when out of stock items become available. Google Shopping is an added enhancement for product listings.

Site Optimization Improves User Experience

In addition to a beautiful, strategic website design, site optimization plays a significant role in the user experience. Customers are more likely to complete a purchase, and far more likely to become repeat customers, on a website that is responsive, correctly linked, and with active buttons. ThinkBig analyzes site performance based on data such as bounce rate and time duration on the site. We monitor and assess site performance as it relates to completed transactions and overall sales.

Some of our site optimization features:

  • Monitored load speeds
  • File optimization for a low-data, fast-loading site
  • Dedicated team to test links and buttons
  • Removal of unnecessary plugins, enhancing load speed
  • Regular backups for easy restoration
  • Resolving issues with contact forms
  • Reliable web hosting and load speed

ThinkBig Offers Ecommerce Solutions

ThinkBig Digital Marketing recognizes that eCommerce businesses are ultimately looking for increased sales. Our company is structured to see improved success when our clients become more successful. We strive to increase your revenue through site optimization and user experience as well as a number of other digital marketing services, such as SEO, one-on-one training, inventory management integration, and improved marketing strategy. Contact ThinkBig and discover how much your profits can increase.