Creative Services

As a full-service marketing agency, we provide a number of creative services depending on your business needs, such as website design, graphic design, branding, and more.

Website Design sERVICES

Responsive and user-friendly

Your website design is an essential part of your brand identity, digital profile, and online performance. The colors, content, and images of your website all convey a message to potential customers, which is why we recommend website design service for most of our clients. Our website design team works with you to create a website that will improve online exposure leading to improved traffic. When creating a new website, we help with design, content, and evaluating the user experience, so your new website design will generate results and attract new customers.


Branding & Logo Design

Craft an identity

Your branding represents many elements, including the value of your company, the quality you provide, values to represent, and your visual identity. Logo design is an important part of your overall branding, as it is often the first thing customers see when they interact with your brand. We have experience creating logos for clients in a variety of industries that are visually appealing and that truly represent the business. Our branding and logo design services work to help you build a better brand identity that produces positive results.


Graphic Design SERVICES

Sales-focused graphics

Graphic design is an important aspect of any successful marketing strategy and website design. Our professional graphic designers have experience designing infographics and visual aids, flyers and postcards, product images, and many other essential branding items. Our graphic design services also include services like video editing and enhanced branding for video. With our modern world continuing to move more toward image and video-based content, graphic design is becoming more relevant than ever.


SEO Copywriting Services

Keyword focused and unique

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is the process of making a website easier to find in search engines. By improving your organic presence in search engine results, you can foster free and sustainable traffic to your website. We conduct keyword research that helps us promote your brand message with the right keywords, then we build rich, keyword-friendly content around your brand message. Our SEO copywriting services are one of our greatest strengths at ThinkBIG, as we started as an SEO firm before growing into a full-service marketing agency.


Web video support

Capture their attention

Our expertise with web video support is based on using the asset and editing the video to display properly on the website. There are many factors to consider related to the server speed and visual layouts for different electronic devices. Our team reviews how to set up the video server and import the asset to the website. There are advantages to porting the video due to the internet connection speed and the type of device used for viewing. Porting the video helps with both load speed and data usage.


Our team is filled with excellent Logo and web designers.