eCommerce Customer Service

We manage several aspects of customer service, including order cancellations, product returns, and email responses.

Improve Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is an important part of any business, particularly with eCommerce companies. Customers develop brand loyalty if they have a good experience with three elements: Price, product, and service. When people look at your logo, you want them to feel a connection with the company and know that your brand offers exceptional products and service at an appropriate price. In an increasingly competitive eCommerce market where customers often buy products sight unseen, your customer service could be the factor that maintains customer loyalty and attracts new customers.

ThinkBig: Beyond Order Management

Our order management team takes care of the logistics of order fulfillment and inventory tracking. We provide tracking numbers, manage order cancellations, and watch for inventory issues like allocation and low inventory. Our order management services extend into customer contact and service. The dynamic team at ThinkBig can take on whichever aspects of customer service you don’t enjoy, don’t know how to do, or don’t have time to manage. We maintain existing customer service guidelines for each respective client, working toward resolutions that satisfy both customer and retailer.

A Human Approach to Customer Service

In an increasingly digital world, a person-centered approach to customer service can have a significant positive impact on your ecommerce business. ThinkBig Digital Marketing uses a team of actual humans (no cyborgs here!) to respond to your customers’ emails and phone calls. Our staff are frequently commended for exceptional empathy and reasonable resolutions, finding the middle ground between satisfied customers and minimal loss for the client.

See what customers and clients are saying about our customer service:

“My company has been with ThinkBig Marketing and SEO for a little over a year and with three others before that. ThinkBig is extremely responsive to my needs and offers great input into how things can be improved so that my company can continue to thrive. We hope that ThinkBig is around forever, as we will never leave it! We highly recommend ThinkBig regardless if you are big or small, but especially when just starting out! We love our ThinkBig team and we highly recommend this company to anyone!!!"

Alex, Texas Australian Labradoodles

"My law firm has been working with ThinkBig for several years and their services are professional and are experienced in what they do. I recently engaged the services of ThinkBig to build a new website. I personally worked with Lawrence who was generous enough to allow me to stay involved in the entire website buildout process. He was very professional and patient with me during this time. The website was built within weeks and the end result is that the new website is amazing due to the hard work and dedication of ThinkBig and Lawrence. I highly recommend this company to anyone interested in building a website or engaging their services in SEO and internet related services."

Warran D.

Why Choose a Full Service Marketing Company?

With the increased number of online transactions and the consequent rise in digital marketing agencies, although few can compete with the customer service found in our full service marketing company.

We’ll answer your customers’ phone calls and reply to their emails in a courteous and professional manner. For Amazon client accounts, we monitor performance and manage reviews, increasing your site’s positive reputation as well as searchability.

More Digital Marketing Services

As a full-service marketing company, ThinkBig offers an impressive range of digital marketing services. In addition to customer service and order management, we offer products such as logo design, website design, SEO, Google ads and social media advertising. Contact ThinkBig to discover how our full-service marketing can improve your brand identity and overall sales.