SEO Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting is different from SEO Content Writing in a few ways; the main difference is content writing involves focus on webpage keyword content and copywriting involves content related to web pages specifically including, but not limited to, blogs, ads, and email campaigns. 

SEO Copywriting Analysis

SEO Copywriting services from ThinkBIG involve an SEO analysis of the current website and your business and then our team evaluates ways to enhance the overall performance of blogs, articles, ads, social media posts, and emails. While content writing plays a central role in increasing organic traffic through search engines, copywriting is titled more toward growing brand awareness, establishing improved credibility, and helping to convert traffic into sales. 

To know whether SEO copywriting or SEO content writing is right for you or your website, it’s beneficial to know your target audience and if performance-based SEO can help you reach your target audience to deliver the message you want to communicate. The aim of copywriting is to encourage people to research your brand, services, or products as a benefit for consideration. By providing a friendly tone accompanied with marketing messages, ThinkBIG Marketing can write and refine information to increase website traffic.

SEO Copywriting Services

The copywriting services offered by ThinkBIG can boost visibility and credibility of the products or services your business provides while making the content valuable and easy to read. As a result of increasing visibility and credibility of your website using effective keyword strategies, converting traffic into leads and making meaningful connections with existing customers or new customers can be achieved by sending out an informational newsletter or email. 

To help search engines process content and rank for relevant keywords, it is important to avoid duplicate content, outdated information, or not having enough content on your website. We take the time and care to implement well-researched information into each of the copywriting services we provide. With well-versed writing professionals and experienced copywriting experts, ThinkBIG has an instinct for language that combines insight with valuable information. 

Our professional team of copywriting experts is available to deliver blog posts, website copy, landing pages, emails, and more. We have a quick turnaround time and offer competitive rates to ensure our clients are satisfied with our copywriting services. After you place your order, we offer the option to meet with one of our professional writers for any edits, then, following the approval of the edits, we can utilize the copywriting completed in the way your company needs. Our process is fully transparent and once we deliver the content, the content is for the client to use and deliver as necessary.

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