Web Video Support

ThinkBig’s web video support services help facilitate fast load speeds, reinforce brand identity, and improve the user experience and search engine ranking.

Brand identity

Include Videos When Creating a Brand Identity

Adding a video to your site creates an added layer of information beyond the written content. Video elements such as vocal inflection, music, lighting, and movement can better inform your shoppers as to your individual products and your brand identity. Embedding a video can also add to your site’s overall visual appeal. Public video sources , such as Youtube or Facebook, display advertisements at the conclusion of your video, often enticing your customers to view a video from another company similar to yours. Videos on a private server, like those supported by ThinkBig Sites, contain only the content you create, and not your competitors’ ads.

Smarter Storage for a Faster Website

Customers spend more time on faster websites, and when you embed videos from a public server, your page must store the video, eating up an unnecessary amount of memory which will likely cause your page to slow down. Customers often bounce if the embedded video or the page itself doesn’t load quickly. ThinkBig will store your video on a separate server then embed the video on your page. Because the video is stored off-site, you don’t have to worry about storage limits, and your page requires less memory to function, enabling a faster website and better user experience.

Complete Video Creativity

Our web video support enables you to create your own videos, the way you want them, and present them to your customers while facilitating a faster website. You can embed higher-quality videos because our server enables the videos to load quickly and remain far below your storage limit. We embed videos within your website, enabling shoppers to explore your products while the video plays. We can help you feature your video or to have it running in the background. If your video is already published, we can embed Facebook videos and Instagram videos onto your WordPress of Shopify website.

Additional Marketing Services 

In addition to web video support for site optimization, ThinkBig Sites offers a wide variety of expert digital marketing services. We specialize in website design, search engine optimization, and product management. We customize our digital marketing services to include as much or as little as needed. Contact ThinkBig Sites to learn how we can help your business grow.