E-Commerce Services

The ThinkBig team is dedicated to increasing your digital brand profile by optimizing your eCommerce website, product listings, digital ads, product images, and customer experience for online shoppers. Our goal is to attract, engage, and delight your customers along the buyer’s journey and keep your business up-to-date with the best digital optimization strategies. 

Business strategy

Start with a plan

At ThinkBig, we work with the client to establish specific goals for the website and e-commerce performance. Our approach is to evaluate your online business needs to clearly define areas of improvement to develop brand awareness, improved exposure, leading to improved conversions. We mentor clients regarding the  best digital marketing practices and identify opportunities for the best long-term business strategy tailored to your specific industry. Through our experience and methods, we help your business understand online customers’ shopping habits so you can make better-informed business strategy decisions.


product management & training

Learn how to do it yourself

An optimized product listing when done right will help your customers easily navigate and filter through on your eCommerce website. It will also help the store manager handle product management with ease. Our team can help mentor on best practices for product management and help organize your products to be used effectively on the backend and front end of your website. Whether you have a couple hundred products or a couple thousand, we can create a digital operations strategy and provide product management training that will meet your unique business needs. The product filter system is relatively straightforward and functions best with good planning and understanding of the category and product tags.




Show off your product’s good side

Looking for an affordable option for your product photography needs? Look no further as we partner with product photographers to provide images that will make an impression, tell the story of your products, and ultimately sell the products. Trying to take an enhanced photo of your products is hard to do if you don’t have experience, and hiring photographers can be expensive. We become product experts and use our years of experience in product marketing to highlight the best aspects of your products while telling its unique story on your eCommerce store. Our experience includes a variety of products in a variety of settings, including lifestyle images and product labels.




Start with a plan

Our team can help maximize your product’s visibility, increase your eCommerce website’s traffic, and optimize the effectiveness of your digital ads by using technical SEO strategies and enhanced tactics. Through implementing our SEO methods, we have optimized search and ranking on Google, increased website traffic, and lowered costs for ads with improved engagement. We do an evaluation based on keywords, suggestions for those keywords with a comparison for search traffic and competition of search.


UX/UI Optimization

Get found on Google

Your eCommerce store is built, you have the products live on the site, but realize you’re not converting well? Our team can help you identify what may be causing your customers’ buyer’s journey to drop off before they reach checkout. Through market research and testing, we can identify the issues with the user experience and implement strategies to optimize the online shoppers’ experience. We have helped stores identify product images that can be improved, reducing the number of steps for checkout leading to improved conversions.



custom content

SEO-friendly and unique

Are you in need of help writing product descriptions and on-page content for your website? We can deliver custom quality content! One of the elements that distinguishes our eCommerce Marketing agency is our ability to write eCommerce SEO-driven content custom-tailored for your specific market. Whether you have a few  products or a few  hundred, we can take on the daunting task of writing descriptions and deliver excellent results with the goal of optimizing your online presence. 




No sales fall through the cracks

Are you busy running your business and need help with online order management? ThinkBig can help! Being Shopify and WooCommerce experts, we thoroughly understand that to build trust and loyalty with your brand and your eCommerce customers, shipping and fulfillment must be timely and accurate. Whether they are first time buyers, returning customers, or B2B clients, we can conduct  the order management while you are busy developing strategies for your business. 


Integrated Inventory Management

Know when and how much to buy

As with any eCommerce store, you will have to deal with inventory management. Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned business, we can help you navigate the complexities of inventory management. With inventory management professionals experienced in Shopify and WooCommerce, we can help with integrating software or mentoring on best practices to use your time most effectively. The inventory management is related to best practices for managing the actual inventory numbers, tracking fulfillment, or using different options for the inventor that is always in stock and no need to track the number of units. 


Customer Service

Build a lasting relationship

Surpassing online shoppers’ expectations improves customer satisfaction resulting in brand loyalty, customer retention, and generates positive word-of-mouth testimonials and reviews. eCommerce customers have high expectations when they shop online, and it can be a challenge  to respond related to customer refunds, inquiries, and shipping delays. Our team can be an extension of your company, represent the brand and help manage the buyer’s journey , turning strangers into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into promoters. 



Our team has seasoned marketing professionals with a strategic and creative approach to Digital marketing.