Custom Content for Ecommerce

ThinkBig creates content including product descriptions that are relevant, specific, and written based on current, research-driven SEO strategies for Ecommerce.

Don’t Settle For Less

Thorough SEO Analysis

Our full-service marketing firm writes product descriptions and other custom content based on a thorough SEO analysis. The SEO analysis enables us to utilize terms that will move a page up in search engines, generating more traffic to your site. We understand research relevant keywords are frequently searched, frequently written, and currently trending. Tailoring your product descriptions to flourish under existing search patterns is crucial for enhancing your website Ecommerce SEO. 

Enhancing Your Brand Identity

Using the information gained from the SEO analysis, the ThinkBig team amplifies your brand identity through custom product descriptions. We incorporate brand values and goods into content that is informative and interesting while intentionally targeting keywords in specific combinations to improve your searchability. Our content is customized to match any tone, mood, or lifestyle you may want to associate with your product.

An example of a product description would be as follows:


Style Number: G1515-045

  • Shorts featuring a flex elastic waistband
  • The shorts have a reinforced lock stitching
  • Made with 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Model – Height 5’10” – wearing size small

These are the original G shorts made of 100% cotton fabric. Our Original Gs are so rugged, comfortable, and versatile, they will render your other outdoor shorts obsolete. Just like the iconic G pants, you’ll get the classic gusseted crotch for ease of movement. These shorts have an integrated buckle belt, deep-reach front pockets, and velcro-tabbed rear pockets.

Improving the Buyer’s Journey

As an extension of creating a brand identity for your company, ThinkBig strives to generate an enjoyable shopping experience and enhance the buyer’s journey. Our Ecommerce content and product descriptions are written with the buyer’s journey in mind. We use engaging language written for maximum readability, posted in a visually appealing format in conjunction with an outstanding web design layout. We also work collaboratively with our clients in order to ensure the content we create enhances the buyer’s journey for a specific clientele, and we make updates, if necessary, based on client feedback.

Benefits of a Full Service Marketing Company

As a full service marketing company, ThinkBig writes content while considering details such as web design and page layout, metadata, ad landing pages, and other key elements of marketing for an Ecommerce business. 

We design our content to fit beautifully on a page, to flow intuitively with metadata and ads. Our content and product descriptions demonstrate the thoroughness we are able to provide because of our expertise as a full service marketing company.

ThinkBig For Your Custom Content

ThinkBig Sites proudly writes custom content and product descriptions that will appeal to shoppers as well as improve SEO ranking. Our process includes SEO analysis, focusing on brand identity and the buyer’s journey, and including additional marketing elements for content that looks good and performs superbly. If your Ecommerce site could benefit from attractive, effective product descriptions, ThinkBig can help. Contact our experts and discover how we can enhance your company. All of the projects are fully transparent and the content is owned by the customer.