Amazon Product Images

At ThinkBig our team will optimize product images so they adhere to Amazon standards, provide product information, and help create a brand identity for your business.

ThinkBig Understands Amazon Digital Marketing Guidelines

Many business owners know that Amazon has guidelines and policies regarding product images and other elements of digital marketing. However, not all Ecommerce companies have the time or expertise to maintain an up-to-date understanding of current policies. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of Amazon regulations regarding product images, ThinkBig ensures that we post product images that are optimized to meet Amazon’s current criteria. Our specialized digital marketing team includes product image compliance as part of our overall product listing optimization service.

Primary Product Images

Product images provide product information to your customers as well as presenting cues pertaining to your brand identity. The primary image is the first thing customers see when researching your product, so it is important to have a product image that is both attractive and informative. Additionally, Amazon requires specific criteria to be met regarding the primary product image. ThinkBig optimizes product images for use as the primary photo in an Amazon product listing. We ensure primary product images have the correct resolution, background, branding, and cropping so as to satisfy Amazon’s requirements.


Strategic Secondary Images

With fewer regulations, secondary product images can each present a wealth of information to your customers. ThinkBig Digital Marketing emphasizes the importance of extensive product information, since better information results in better reviews and fewer product returns. Secondary images establish credibility, presenting your Ecommerce business as one that is well-established and invested in customer satisfaction.


Strategic secondary images may include:


Bullet points:

Customers can access textual information regarding sizing, material, and other features on a product image.

Lifestyle photos:

Enhance your brand identity with images that will create an emotional response in your customers.


Product images can provide your customers with information on how best to use your product.


Customers respond positively to guarantees, particularly when included on secondary product images.


Secondary product images are an ideal place to display your logo, slogan, and other branding features.


You can upload a video in place of a product image, providing several layers of information in a short amount of time.

Creating a Brand Identity Using Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video may be worth a thousand pictures. Videos offer several layers of information that can be used in creating a brand identity. ThinkBig uses a video as a product image to show action, whether it’s the use of a tool, the movement of a fabric, or the consumption of a food product. Videos also enhance product listing optimization because they establish an atmosphere and dynamic ambiance that cannot be achieved with images alone. We intentionally integrate sound, movement and pacing, lighting and lifestyle to further establish your brand identity.