Managed Amazon Advertising

Advertising on Amazon can be time consuming and expensive when managed manually. Amazon cost per click can vary between industries, and staying up to date on competitors and keywords is an important aspect to the Amazon Product Listings. 

Types of Amazon Advertising

We use AI to give our clients a much improved ability on Amazon with real time updates to campaigns, bids, and systematic campaign targeting for optimized performance and spend. Whether using Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Amazon to increase product views, or display advertising across the web, we are here to provide support and drive sales. Knowing your brand and demographic is the best way to start any strategy in Amazon advertising. 

There are several types of ads that have the best results on Amazon including, but not limited to, display ads and video ads. We use the following to drive traffic to your product listings:

  • broad phrase matches 
  • exact phrase matches 
  • keyword matches
  • competing products 

At ThinkBig Sites, we take a well-detailed and informed approach to optimizing your Amazon listing to ensure improved ROI with advertising.

Managed Amazon PPC Advertising

Managing cost per click across a variety of campaigns with multiple keywords can be difficult. Manually managing Amazon advertising campaigns can be time consuming and creates a constant burden of ad spend evaluation. While ads could just be turned off to control ad spend, that interrupts campaigns and can result in potential losses of revenue. We take control of the management process to provide peace of mind with managed ad spend, but we take it a bit further. Our team can provide insights and information to enable business owners to make informed decisions resulting in greater return on investment with their advertising budget.


Managed Amazon DSP Advertising

Our dedicated Amazon account management team provides a variety of Amazon marketing services including a managed Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP). Managed Amazon DSP from ThinkBig Sites provides a designated resource to help you take care of your Amazon needs and successfully improve business ventures.

Worried about diminishing returns on Amazon? Our team at ThinkBig can help put your mind at ease because we have the experience to back up our recommendations. We understand that knowing how to drive more sales can be encouraging and makes it easier to scale and grow. Driving traffic from other websites to Amazon listings is the next step in staying competitive and top of mind for customers. Using off platform display ads that link to Amazon listings helps to put your product in front of more people. Display ads are also more customizable than in-platform advertising on Amazon.

Pricing is structured based on the needs of the client and the level of involvement required on the account. Monthly software subscription is required for Amazon PPC Advertising Management and Amazon DSP Advertising Management. It is also important to know that you will need to have a nationally registered trademark to get on Amazon or you would need to be grandfathered in from years before. 

If you are ready to make a change in the way your run your Amazon advertising, our team of marketing professionals are available to help you make the best data-driven decisions for your Amazon business. For any additional information about our Amazon Advertising services at ThinkBig, please contact us and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.