Pay Per Click Process Flow

Phase 1 – Kick-Off Call

We are well versed in retail, lead generation and subscription websites. However we know your unique website has unique goals. For this reason, immediately after you sign on for our PPC account management services, we host a kick-off call. This phone call gives us the opportunity to gather valuable information about your business and goals. This insight will be of great benefit in our account strategy and planning for your campaign/s.

During the kick-off call we will discuss and determine:

  • Areas of Concentration on Your Website
  • Geographic and Demographic Targets
  • Weekly Schedule for Ad Exposure
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Calls to Action and Current Promotions
  • Desired Cost for a New Customer
  • Desired Start Up Budget and Start Date
  • Other Valuable Information

Your account kick-off call is followed by a two-week period where we perform analysis on your website and your market and plan your account in an account build-out spreadsheet.

Phase 2 – Account Launch

Upon approval of our campaign themes, ads and keywords are entered in the account build out spreadsheet, we then proceed to launch your new campaign/s on Google. The account launch also consists of:

  • Oversight of Tracking Code Implementation on Client Website(s)
  • Final Approval of the Account Build Out containing Targeted Groups of Keywords and Ads
  • Ad Copy Rotation
  • Implementation of a Bidding Strategy
  • Negative Keyword Additions
  • Recommendations and Implementation of a Budget Breakdown
  • Oversight of Account Performance during the Beginning Phases of Launch
  • Scheduling our Monthly Phone Call and Bi-Weekly Reports

Phase 3 – Account Management

  • Continual Oversight of Your Account Performance
  • New Campaign, Ad and Keyword Additions as Determined to Improve Performance
  • Addition of Negative Keywords
  • Analysis and Optimization of Keyword Match Types
  • Quality Score Analysis and Optimizations
  • Bidding and Budget Optimizations
  • Testing and Optimization of Keyword > Ad > Landing Page Performance
  • Addition of Display & Re-Marketing Campaigns as Determined to Improve Performance
  • Optimizations of Topics and Placements for Display Network Traffic
  • New Search Engines as Determined to Improve Performance
  • Monthly Phone Call and Bi-Weekly Reporting