Pay Per Click Pricing

PPC SPEND Starter Plan Up to $2500 on One Search Engine Entry Level Up to $6,000 Level 1 Up to $6,001 to $11,000 Level 2 Up to $11,001 to $21,000 Level 3 Up to $21,001 to $31,000 Level 4 Up to $31,001 to $41,000 Level 5 Up to $41,001 to $51,000 Level 6 Up to $51,000 & Up
Set-Up Fee $499.00 $499.00 $499.00 $499.00 $499.00 $499.00 $499.00 Call
Management Fee $550/mo $750 Mo. $990 Mo. $1,826 Mo. $2,750 Mo. $3,630 Mo. $4,400 Mo. Call
Phone Meetings Quarterly 1/month 2/month 2/month 2/month 2/month 2/month Call
Reports Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Call
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Pay Per Click Program

Pay Per Click Program

Traffic Building Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Hit the ground running with a results driven pay-per-click management program managed by Whether building brand name awareness or looking for direct response website traffic, we know the ins and outs of account management. When you employ us for our pay-per-click services, you're letting us get down to business, so you can get back to yours!

Realize greater returns when you keep the management of both your SEO and PPC within the same website marketing firm, and especially when that company is; a top website marketing firm. Pay-per-click marketing can be a highly effective means of driving streams of profitable traffic to your website – so don't throw your investment dollars out the window! Have your campaigns managed by experts who make sure every dollar you invest produces maximum ROI.

Keyword research and development, as well as competitor research is key when designing pay-per-click accounts that will perform well for the long term. Through this analysis we are able to discover hundreds or even thousands of keyword searches that your target audience is actively searching for online regarding your product/s or service/s. Upon approval of our keyword and ad build-out, we then launch your ads across the top search engines for your chosen keywords.

Maximizing your pay-per-click traffic includes bidding on the keywords and ad copy that we identify to be the most effective in meeting your goals. This can prove to be a burdensome task if cutting edge bid management is not used. Here at, we leverage our state of the art bid management system that strategically places you in the positions that yield the highest ROI. All while reporting and staying up to date on your offerings, promotions and feedback on account performance.

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Professional Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Speak to One of Our PPC Pros Today is comprised of a team of respected, internet marketing experts with a proven history of driving high quality search engine traffic. Our specialty is creating new streams of sales or leads while improving ROI for hundreds of client websites. When you leverage for pay-per-click advertising management you'll receive our expert consultation and management services. We've adapted state of the art, seasoned management software for today's competitive pay-per-click landscape. Our services include search engine marketing consultation, account strategy development, account build-out and bidding strategy implementation, expert copy writing, quality score analysis, website tracking implementation, landing page testing, reporting and more.

More about our PPC Management services:

Strategy – Positioning your website for success relies mainly on the development of the strategy that we will hone prior to launching or rebuilding your pay-per-click accounts. An account build-out that breaks out your different product or service themes by campaign, and then drives targeted variations of keywords to relevant ads is the key to success. This will position us for the most promising growth possible and also enable us to apply our other management tactics, such as our bidding strategy for greater effectiveness.

Bidding – Never underestimate the power of a well-thought out and intelligent bidding strategy. Especially on Google, building up high click-through-rates upon the launch of your account is mission critical to keeping your costs low and return on ad spend high. Our advanced algorithms determine the maximum bids that drive the cost per leads you desire. This ensures that your ads are placed strategically throughout the search result pages so that your cost per lead or order goals are met.

Writing – It takes just a short moment to make a first impression. Your ad could be going up against 20 or more listings just on the first page of Google alone. All ads that we create are constructed manually, and tested against different keywords and landing scenarios to determine the top performers. All copy is approved by the client prior to going live.

Tracking – Launching a pay-per-click campaign without tracking is like driving without glasses on. Our team is able to instruct your webmaster on placing search engine tracking code on your website and thank you pages accordingly, that enables us to determine what keywords and ads are generating sales, inquiries and possibly phone calls for you.

Reporting – our reporting suite is second to none, and is able to aggregate statistics from across various search engines and social media sites. Performance data will be viewed on the search engines, at the campaign and ad group level, allowing us to better understand what traffic makes up your total budget. Trend graphs that help us determine the impact of changes are also included, and reports are sent out to clients every two weeks.

At, the goals of our clients come first. We are not in business to just send traffic, but to send targeted web traffic that produces results on your website. Our clients appreciate the comprehensive pay-per-click management they receive from the team at

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